5G + RPA technology


In the last 20 years science and technology have created evolution, speed, prosperity, comfort, many entrepreneurs and well paid jobs in open, dynamic, agile, connected and globally integrated organizational cultures.

We think entertainment, art, transportation, education, health, science, communication, tourism, marketing or social media scaled through the 5G or RPA technology.

You have below a few examples of topics in which you can apply one of the two technologies: 5G or RPA.

If you have an idea which does not fit in any of the below topics, but uses one or the two technologies, you can participate in the hack.

Be creative and free!

You can submit the project alone or in a team of max 4 people.

Get inspired by the ideas below, access the Resources & Events of this Hackathon and submit your idea until August 15, 2020.

TOPICS (optional)


  1. Implementation solutions for 5G architecture
  2. RPA technology implementation in 5G networks
  3. Security for the 5G or RPA technologies
  4. 5G/ RPA systems maintenance
  5. Graphene - chips - 5G
  6. Science - 5G/RPA



  1. Smart City solutions
  2. Solutions for specific activities in a company
  3. Business models using 5G/ RPA solutions
  4. Ideas for monetization and scaling the 5G/ RPA implementation in your country
  5. Ideas for economic growth through 5G/RPA in your country


zero POINT

actual applications of the 5G/ RPA technologies in the fields:

  1. AR
  2. Medicine
  3. Education
  4. Transport
  5. Tourism
  6. Social media
  7. Entertainment
  8. Art



  1. 5G/RPA ethics (scientific campaigns about 5G/RPA, ideas for ethical networks in IT)
  2. TechAdolescent (5G/RPA solutions for social learning, development, promotion, integration etc.)
  3. Promotion campaigns for the new 5G/ RPA technologies
  4. Promotion campaigns for the advantages of the new 5G/ RPA technologies
  5. Other topics related to the 5G/ RPA technologies



Other ideas and topics which use one of the two technologies: 5G or RPA.



July 1         open Hack

August 15   closed Hack

August 28   awards and winners announcement



  • persons over 18 years old
  • groups of max 4 persons
  • start-ups
  • companies
  • ONGs
  • governmental institutions
  • departments from companies



Submit technical and security solutions (hard/soft), research projects, campaigns, initiative groups with positive impact on the national and international development of automation and 5G technology.

1. the solution or the project is using 5G/ RPA technology

2. it can be at any stage (idea, project, prototype, business)

3. to be posted on the devpost.com website until August 15, 2020

4. to be a new solution

5. to be realistic, useful, practical, efficient

6. to be clearly presented

7. to have a digital presentation (video, app, images etc.)

    Send your project and additional materials in English



July 1         open Hack

August 15   closed Hack

August 28   awards and winners announcement

Hackathon Sponsors


$10,000 in prizes


1 free place for the Shanghai Stage - 2021 (accommodation, transport, meals)


1 free place for the Shanghai Stage - 2021 (accommodation, transport, meals)


1 free place for the Shanghai Stage - 2021 (accommodation, transport, meals)


1 free place for the Shanghai Stage - 2021 (accommodation, transport, meals)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Diana Nitescu

Diana Nitescu

Dinu Dragomir

Dinu Dragomir
Romania Country Director - Vodafone Global Enterprise

Dan Suciu

Dan Suciu
Lect. Dr. Math&Computer Science Bábes Bolyai University

Andreea Radulescu

Andreea Radulescu
Nanotechnology PhD-MBA Student NUS Singapore

Vlad Margarint

Vlad Margarint
Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics NYU Shanghai

Stefan Mitoi

Stefan Mitoi
Network Security Engineer S&T

Anton Goldobin

Anton Goldobin
UI/UX Designer, Frontend Developer Clearscale, USA

Sergei Zotov

Sergei Zotov
Data Product Manager @Thea

Altynbek Usenbekov

Altynbek Usenbekov
Senior Software Engineer ESB

Judging Criteria

  • 1. are the eligibility criteria and the submission deadline respected?
  • 2. are all the fields in the form filled in?
  • 3. is the technology in which the solution will be realized clearly presented?
  • 4. are there eloquent digital materials (video, app, images, layouts, etc.)?
  • 5. is there an implementation strategy and a correct budget estimate?
  • 6. does the solution solve a practical problem of the community?
  • 7. what is the innovation level?

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